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We pledge to develop and enhance the utilisation of forest resources and produces on a sustainable basis through research, development and application.

  • Forestry and Environment – To develop technologies and provide solutions to support and ensure the sustainable management of resources and ecosystem services of the natural, urban and recreational forests.

  • Forestry Biotechnology – To develop technologies and products based on biodiversity resources for forests and herbal plantations for related industries through biotechnological approaches.

  • Forest Biodiversity – To provide and develop key scientific knowledge to safeguard biodiversity and ecosystem services in Malaysia for their wise management and sustainable utilisation.

  • Forest Products – To focus on the development of R, D and C towards improvement on durability, service life and utilisation of wood resources and ligno-cellulosic materials available for producing various high quality/value-added products.

  • Natural Products – To support the national bio-economy agenda via the empowerment of natural product-based industries through bioactive feedstock security.

FRIM is one of the few institutions in the world that has expertise and facilities covering all aspects of tropical forestry research and development in the above fields.

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